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The Family Portrait - Maine Wedding Photogrpaher

Capturing the family looking their best and sharing a wonderful moment in time is one of the most important part of being a wedding photographer. There are no guarantees in life and what seemed so permanent one day can be gone so quickly. Our families are really the most important things we have. These are the images that will be cherished today and for generations to come. As a wedding photographer I am passionate about crafting family portraits and fully understand their value and necessity. There are no guarantees in life and the people who are so important to us can be gone so quickly. I know this first hand as my mother passed away when I was 22 and my only remembrance I have of her are a few photographs and the memories in my head. It saddens me that she couldn't meet my wife, son and daughter and since her death I have always had a camera close by. This is why I am so passionate about photography and holding on to moments in our quickly passing lives. The portrait of now is so powerful and it's value gets greater and greater as time passes.

Location: Atlantic Oceanside Hotel, Bar Harbor, Maine.