Korey and Baby | Real Engagement | Fort Williams Park

Korey contacted me about 6 months ago.  It was so long in advance that when I booked his session it was just him and Thanksgiving in my books.  He was a man with a plan and this one was a bit more intricate than most.  He and his fiance, Baby are from West Virginia and were coming to Portland for a weekend city break and, unknown to Baby’s knowledge, a proposal to be made.  So the plan was that I was his Uber driver to see some of the local sites in the area and therefore cleaned out the car seats and headed off the the Westin for my first taxi pickup.  I’ll be honest, I have the app but I’ve never been in an Uber car and wasn’t ever sure how to act.  We set off to Fort Williams Park and Korey asked if I would stick around the park as Uber drivers can be a bit scares in Cape Elizabeth.  I of course was game and when they set off for their tour of the park I pulled out my huge camera bag.  Later I realized Baby spotted me put my bag over my shoulders and told Korey that their driver might looked to be taking some kind of expedition.  Soon it became all to clear what the plan was…  after she said Yes!!  Congratulations Korey and Baby – and high marks for you Korey for your excellent planning!

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