Autumn and Wutt
Prospect Golf Club Wedding | Auburn, ME

How did you two meet and when?

I originally went to Thailand in 2013.  My crew member and I who worked on a Schooner together in the Caribbean, heard of a job opening in Southern Thailand for a boat company. We decided that since it was slow season in St. Thomas that why not go and try it out? If all else, we would just travel and come back in a couple months. We made it to Thailand and ended up just traveling instead. Why Not Bar was the first bar we stopped into off the Bus in Pai. I didn’t know it yet, but I my future husband was the one making our drinks. He didn’t speak any English then, and I didn’t speak any Thai. His friend told me that Wutt said I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. I brushed it off because I was also a bartender in the Caribbean. He wasn’t fooling me with that line. A little over a week went past, stopping in to have a drink some nights. A couple days before we about to leave Pai, my crew member and I ventured to a waterfall with some friends from the hostel we were staying at. I saw very young kids playing off to the side but thought nothing of it. Who knows if it was them or someone else that passed by, but when we got out of the water, my wallet was missing. I planned on stopping at the atm on the way back to get money since I only had about 300 baht left (9 dollars or so). All my money was gone. I only had that card with me. Because of this incident I was stuck in Pai till my new card would arrive. My crew member left, but transferred $150 dollars into my account for me. I had my mom transfer him the money from my account from home. That $150 dollars ended up having to last me a whole month. I spent my days reading in my bunk, one meal a day, and some days to be social, one beer at Why Not. Eventually they started inviting me to spend time with them during the day and eat with them. Wutt and I got to know each other more and more. I eventually got my card, returned the favor by taking them to dinner and taking them out for drinks. I stayed another month then left and it wasn’t until I came back 9 months later that Wutt and I started dating. I learned Thai and he learned English. One day last year before proposing he reminded me of the day we first met and what he had said. I honestly had forgotten till he mentioned it sense I never took him seriously. “Remember when I had Benz tell you I thought you were the most beautiful woman I had seen? I was serious, it wasn’t just me being a bartender. You still are.”

Things do happen for a reason. Having my debit card stolen that day was the best thing that could of happened during my travels.

Bride/partner 1: First impressions?

He made great cocktails. He seemed nice, good hearted, very quiet and reserved. His head was half shaved, and had tattoos on his arm, but he was cute and looked like he was a guy who was pretty shy until you got to know him. He also seemed like he wasn’t afraid to punch someone in the face if they deserved it. Both were true. Found out later he used to be a Muay Thai fighter.

Groom/partner 2: First impressions?

She was the first person I met who wasn’t afraid of me. Everyone I had met since moving to Pai told me they felt intimidated and scared to talk with me at first. It took everyone a long time before they finally talked with me and got to know me. Even my best friends now said they didn’t approach me for so long because of the way I looked. They said they thought I looked mean hearted, but not her. To this day she is still the only person ever who, before getting to know me, wasn’t scared. My first impression of her was that she was kind, good hearted and beautiful. Her friend had asked me one night when the bar was crowded, which girl there was the most beautiful. To me, it was her.

First date details:

He took me on his motorcycle around Pai and took me to the Pai Cannon. He showed me a bunch of really cool spots in Pai I hadn’t seen yet. No idea when this was.

Describe the proposal:

(I’m going to give you two stories..because it happened twice…once was accidental and he wasn’t really ready, it just came out but it’s comical if you want to add it. If you just want one, just put the official apple orchard one)

1. The first time was at his bar. (I honestly had no idea he was the bar owner till like 6 months after we started dating) We had been dating now for 3 years at this point. I was out with a couple friends and he was working. Him and a couple buddies kept laughing and looking at me from the bar. For a while I thought it was nothing but then it just didn’t stop. I started to feel a little self conscious. Was my outfit weird? Did I have food on my face? Was I sitting weird? I eventually went up and asked him what they were talking about since they were clearly talking about me. He said nothing, his friend said “no nothing,” and I went back to my table. They kept looking at me and talking. I eventually went up again and asked, “What!? Do I have something on my face? Is there something wrong with my outfit? What????” Again, both of them just laughed and said it was nothing. They were just talking about something but it was nothing. I walked back, sat down and kept talking with friends. AGAIN, I could see them looking, talking, laughing. I eventually got up one more time and more sternly asked, “WHAT. WHAT IS IT. I can clearly tell you’re talking about me. What is it. Seriously, what?” Wutt then laughs and says, “no hun it’s nothing. You know..I want to buy you the ring.” That wasn’t at all what I thought they could of possibly been talking about. Me, “A ring?” Wutt, “Yeah you know, like a diamond, to marry, you know, wedding.” I stood in shock trying to process what he had just said to me. Me, “You want to buy me a wedding ring?” “Yeah you know to ask you to marry me.” “Do you want to marry me?” I probably looked as dumbfounded as I felt. He had just told me he wanted to marry me, that he wanted to propose and pretty much just asked me if I wanted to marry him. I had always imagined a know, like you see in movies. Unexpected, down on one knee, ring in hand. Starting to laugh my initial response was, “You’re not suppose to tell me that! You’re suppose to surprise me.” Wutt, “oh! opps!” Me, “Well when you have the ring just make sure it’s a surprise.” Replaying what had just happened I slowly walked back to my table. I sat down and my friend from England and she asked me what the weird look on my face was all about and asked what they were talking about. “I’m pretty sure Wutt in a weird way, just asked me to marry him….” She almost spit out her drink. “What!!? Just now? Are you serious right now..what did you say?” Well I just told him when he had the ring to surprise me. Her mouth dropped then she bursts out laughing… “Well then… cheers!”

2. We had been together for about 5 years now and he was visiting the US. We were at Ricker Hill Apple Orchard in Maine. It was family tradition to go apple picking every year there, have a donut and have some cider. This year though we were leaving after just picking apples and getting donuts. Wutt asked me if I wanted to stay a little longer and have some hard cider. I said sure. My sister felt like hanging out too but my mom had to drive some friends of hers back home to their car. Wutt was suddenly concerned she was leaving which was odd, but he didn’t say anything about it after she left. The three of us went back and sat down to do the hard cider tasting. I called my mom to see if she wanted to come back and join us since we only lived 15 minutes away and we weren’t leaving any time soon. Wutt asked if she was coming back and seemed relieved. She came back, and we were all having cider together. Wutt kept getting up to have a cigarette more than usual. I figured it was because he was drinking. Eventually he says, “I want to ask you.” Me.. “Ask me what?” “Well I want to ask you to marry me..” Me almost laughing and shocked he was telling me what he wanted to do, told him he doesn’t tell me he is going to ask me, or ask me permission to ask me, he just does it. “oh okay..” So then he got up got on one knee, told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes. Apparently he had wanted my mom to be there which is why he got concerned when she left and his frequent smoking was nerves.

What makes you special as a couple?

At first we didn’t speak the same language. We communicated through friends, gestures and translators when we first met. We somehow fell in love anyway and have grown even more so as the language barrier keeps crumbling. I think having the initial language barrier helped us learn how to truly listen and be able to better recognize when something isn’t worth fighting over.

What are some unique aspects of your wedding day?

We were able to have a lot of international friends attend. His niece from Switzerland was also able to be there. We had the honor of my Captain from working on the Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch, marry us.

Wutt used to be a banquet manager. He was the only one who knew how to decorate the linens. He was the one who tied all the chair bows, folded all the napkins into their special design, and did the decorative, elaborate wrap settings for the head table and the and cake table.

Our guest book was a map for people to sign. The frame was handcrafted and put together by my Aunt Jen Smith and Tony.

Everyone helped set up. Everyone helped take everything apart. Everyone picked a song to add to the music playlist. My family, bridesmaids (Nichole, Desiree, Sage and Sarah) and friends Alexandra, Samantha, and Franziska helped with set up, errands, sanity and the bar. We would of never even had a bar menu if Samantha hadn’t stepped in and helped.


Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Our honeymoon has yet to happen. We will probably go to Switzerland.

Vendor List

Wedding Planner + Design: My matron of honor Sarah Nickel, Wutt and I.

Wedding Dress Shop: Formal Image

Wedding Dress Designer: Alfred Angelo

Bridal Shoe Designer: Alfani

Groom’s Suit: Formal Image

Wedding Rings: Day’s Jewelers and Gold Works

Engagement Ring: Day’s Jewelers

Bridesmaid Dresses: Formal Image

Groomsman Suits: Formal Image

Ceremony Venue: Prospect Hill Golf Course

Reception Venue: Prospect Hill Golf Course

Event Rentals: Prospect Hill Golf Course

Photographer: Joshua Atticks Wedding Photography

DJ: Sage Landry. She helped put the playlists for the reception and ceremony together. Either her or my Captain Davis from the Caribbean would change the song, if needed. The music equipment/sound system used was brought in by Davis Murray aka Barefoot Davis. He is a captain, a compass adjuster and a musician.

Band: We made a playlist with spotify.

Hair/Makeup Stylist: Ashley Bellefluer

Invitation Design: Vistaprint

Floral Design: Jean Rabon

Caterer: Great Scotts Catering

Wedding Cake/Desserts: Front Porch Bakery

Wedding Favors: Handcrafted wooden coasters with elephant designs from Thailand.