Maine Engagements and Couples Photography
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Maine Engagements and Couples Photography

Expression and relationships - When photographing couples I always focus on capturing the expression and relationships between them, creating images that reflect their true selves and their bond together as a couple. I start the photo session giving a couple an excuse interact with each other creating images that are candid in nature. This gets the couple warmed up with something that feels safe and normal. The images always look natural and soon the couple almost forgets I'm there photographing them. They create images that allow the views an invitation into them without feeling like they are being "watched". Most of the images I create are this type. Then there is the "camera aware" portrait. When the time is right I will ask for eye contact with the camera and images such as this are created. Images that are striking with eyes pulling the viewer in. Camera aware. It's all about getting that perfect expression.

Location: Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.