In the Moment - Wedding Photography
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In the Moment - Wedding Photography

As a Maine wedding photographer I'm always looking at the light particularly noting the direction and quality of light. This particular room was simply glowing with a soft diffuse light and lots of it. I closed down the blinds on the left side of the image to create a more directional light source as directional light creates the beautiful shadows I'm looking for in sculpting the brides face. The balcony window was from floor to ceiling and the quality could not have been better. I placed the bride between my camera and the window and let the story unfold as her mother placed her veil on her head. It was a beautiful moment, somewhat set up as I did place them close to the window. But the moment was real and the happiness and emotion in their faces was pure. I was sure to have the darkest part of the wall behind the brides head to create the separation needed to make the image pop. The light from the balcony window spilling across her face makes for gorgeous graduation of light to dark tones shaping her face. This beautiful light combined with the emotion from the moment makes this image one of my favorites from the wedding day. My goal as a Maine wedding photographer is to bring back the "wow" factor in a photojournalistic style capture. No it's not pure photojournalism but it is a real moment.

Location: Higgins Beach, Maine.