Mother of the Bride
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Mother of the Bride

This images was taken at one of the sea side homes on Higgins Beach in Scarborough, Maine. When I stepped into the house I was thrilled to see the classic décor, clean walls and lovely New England styling. It was a perfect setting for the bride's "getting ready" images and first look. We entered the brides room and it was glowing with light from a huge window overlooking the ocean. Aside for the bed in the middle of the room (a common problem), I could not have imagined a better place to photograph a bride. I love this image as it captures the mother of the bride looking at her daughter with such pride, happiness and joy. Her expression says more than a thousand words could ever to convey in the depth of her feeling. The images was taken just moments after her dress was put on and veil placed. They are both looking in the mirror together and enjoying the moment in the air. As a Maine wedding photographer these are the kind of images that I want to bring to my clients and create for myself. It's all about holding on to that moment in time or, as in this case, capturing a moment that may have gone missed. Expression trumps!

Location: Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine.