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The Wedding Album

The Wedding Album

There is no better way to share, display and remember your day like thumbing though a gorgeous custom created wedding album. I consider the wedding album to be the final and most important offering in my job as a wedding photographer. It is keepsake of your memories and adventures from your day that will last for generations to come.

We live in an age where technology moves at in incredible pace. New media comes in to take over the old and important things often never get changed over to the new. Remember those old VHS tapes in the cupboard or that MP3 collection on that old computer? Today the ease of viewing and sharing our images is instantaneous but unfortunately they can also be lost or forgotten just as easily in a sea of digital data. In contrast your wedding album will be there physically waiting and reminding you to thumb through anytime you wish.

There really is something special about seeing, feeling and experiencing the printed image on paper organized beautifully in a custom album. It's a human thing and I vividly remember looking through my own parents wedding album as a child and enjoying seeing the skinny version of my dad and the funny fashion trends of the early 70's. One day I hope my own children and grandchildren will do the same. There is something about a big book full of pictures that stirs up the curiosity in all of us. You just can't do that with an iPad or tablet (especially an antique/broken one for that matter).

This will be your families' first heirloom!