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I’m Josh and I photograph people and their stories.

Creating images that matter.

This is my mission statement. To create authentic works with images that reflect the uniqueness of the people I am photographing, highlighting who they are and the relationships between them. Every person, every relationship, and every family is different, each having little quirks and features that make them perfect in their own way. This is what makes me fall in love with an image; the small details, the idiosyncrasies, and the nuances that makes us different and unique. It’s these moments that really show who you are and the story of your day. I would rather photograph expressions that are a true reflection of my subjects than images with perfect posing and perfect lighting. Often though, I’m lucky enough to get both.

Images come from within.

Wedding photographers have to be with you almost the entire day so they better be fun, have some adventure and be smooth and cool. Definitely! So here are a couple interesting things about me to help get us acquainted.

  • I was born and raised in Connecticut, we vacationed in Maine almost every year.
  • I love coffee and somehow convinced my wife to let me keep a huge commercial espresso machine in my kitchen. We are a family of baristas!
  • I like hachbacks, especially those made in Germany. Beats by PVD.
  • I met my wife on the Greek Island of Corfu, moved London and married her.
  • We've been married over 10 years now and I love her more and more every day.
  • Out of all the places in the world, we chose Maine to be our home
  • I practice yoga every day. Portland Power Yoga is the best! Namaste
  • I am a registered and certified oncology nurse.
  • I love building and creating things.
  • I have two great kids, two dogs, three cats, and six chickens.
  • Breakfast is my favorite meal and have 2 eggs over easy every morning for breakfast, love them!

about me and my favorite friends

Ask 10 photographers to capture one particular moment or scene and you will get 10 different pictures and therefore the true essence of photography comes from within. The lens chosen, medium (film, digital, senor size), vantage point, focal length, focus selected, aperture, shutter and then finally the moment when the shutter clicks. These setting are consciously and often instinctively set by the photographer which therefore translates into a style. Style can be taught or copied but ideally a photographer style comes from within. It’s what makes them tick.

Photography is something I value over most anything material. I think this drive and passion comes from the fact that my mother missed my own wedding and the birth of my children. She died of lung cancer when I was 21 and I have 3 images of her and the rest are memories in my mind. This event has given me a true appreciation for the value of photography and not just the pretty pictures but the ones that matter the most. I approach every wedding as if it was my own family.

How did you start out in photography?Joshua Atticks headshot

My photographic journey started with landscapes and cityscapes. Then, one day my son was born and well, everything changed. People having great times, loving life, cherishing moments – this became my focus. I still do lots of landscapes except they usually have a person, family, or couple enjoying a beautiful moment too. I’ve never looked back.

My first wedding gig was in 2006. A friends sister asked and I could not refuse. I am sure that I was more nervous that night than the bride. I did it, nailed it and I loved every second!

How would you describe your style?

Authentic. Creative. Beautiful. For me it's all about capturing moments of true expression. I get up close, I choose different angles, I get dirty and try new ideas. I find great light and will guide my clients there and let the rest unfold naturally. I do everything I can to make my clients comfortable and forget that I have a camera. I can be a goofball too and sometimes I'll throw out a bit of dry humor or a really bad joke to get things giggly. My photography is becoming more of a reflection of who I am and how I see and interpret things rather then the latest trendy poses with a Lightroom preset on top. Sometimes my favorite images is the blurry one. A true expression is like a window into someone's soul.

Do you offer high resolution files?

Yes, all wedding packages come with edited, high resolution jpgs with a printing license to use as you wish. The images are available anytime digitally from an online proofing gallery where family and friends can also enjoy and download the images. Clients are also given a physical copy of the images as a custom USB drive. Beautiful prints, slideshows, canvas gallery wraps and stunning custom wedding albums are available for purchase anytime. Here are my sweet USB drives custom made by USB Memory Direct.

Maine Wedding USB drives and albums

So Josh, Why should we choose you?

When choosing a photographer you're not just hiring a technician controlling a camera but investing in a person's vision and life experience which ultimately translates into style. I believe that photographs come from within and every photographer will interpret a moment differently. If my work speaks to you somewhere within than I'm your guy.

Being a photographer is also about being able to connect with people. It’s about making people feel good, at ease and beautiful all at the same time. This is my draw to photography and why I am passionate about creating images. I understand that true to life emotion trumps all else when photographing people.

Do you have a second shooter?

I do have an assistant/second shooter for larger weddings or venues. That said, I typically work solo and prefer to do so as it allows me to be fully immersed in the moment of what is happening. It also keeps consistency in style, quality and vision as the day unfolds. I have a second shooter for approximately 10% of the weddings I photograph.

Can you hold my date while we decide?

Unfortunately, no. My dates book up on a first come first serve basis and your date will be reserved only once the retainer is paid. Your retainer secures your date and your can then choose your photography package anytime prior to the wedding.

How did you learn your craft?

My education in photography began at the University of Connecticut where I was a fine art major. I shot on black and white and practiced dodging and burning in a real dark room. I keep my skills fresh with various day seminars, membership to Jerry Ghionis Photography Training, Creative Live and as a member of the Professional Photographers Association (PPA). I am also a Fearless Photographer.

Are you insured?

Yes, I carry general liability insurance as well as equipment insurance. If your venue needs a certificate I would be happy to have one generated.

How much does your wedding services cost?

I prefer to tell the story of a wedding from the very beginning to the very end and offer full day coverage for $3000. I also have an elopement package ($900) available for the short and sweet ceremonies. Please contact me for a complete listing!

Can we meet with you?

That would be a very enthusiastic “Yes!”. I always enjoy meeting new couples and hearing your stories and big plans to come. Hiring a wedding photographer is a big decision and they will likely be the one vendor that is with you for the entire day. I find the best way to show a prospective client who I am and the work I do is to have a chat (often over coffee) and follow up with an engagement session. These are always a blast and a perfect way to see how I work, my personality, and see the images I produce. It’s also the perfect time to get acquainted and become more comfortable in front of a big camera. Of course, all the edited images from the engagement session are delivered for wedding invites, save-the-date’s or gorgeous prints.

How long until I am able to see my images?

I totally understand this one. You want your images when you and all of your family and friends can still feel the excitement of the day. If you like my page on Facebook I will have a couple sneak peek images posted the morning after your wedding day. From there I aim to have an online sideshow for viewing within 4 weeks and your proofing gallery soon after.

Okay, so we have met and we would like to book the date, how do we proceed?

Yay!!! I will email you a wedding contract. Once this is signed and returned with your retainer ($600) your date is booked. You will then receive my welcome package in the mail containing loads of useful information and tips to help you as you create your perfect day.

How many weddings do you do per year and do you ever do two on one weekend?

I typically photograph 12-15 weddings per year with my peak season is from June to October. I am available for booking all year long and love winter weddings in Maine just as much as the summer weddings. I strictly book one wedding per weekend so I can focus completely on that event.

I’m just interested, what does your wedding kit look like?

My wedding kit has made some big changes for 2020. Nikon has finally developed a mirrorless system, and I was all in from the start. My main cameras is a Nikon Z6 and Z7 with a D750 as backup. I still use my D750 but mainly just for ceremony coverage with the 70-200 on it. I'm a prime shooter and shoot with a 50/35mm on one camera and an 85mm on my other. The super wide or 14-30mm comes out for dance floor coverage or for an epic environmental shot. The macro is for rings and super closeups only. Here's my base kit for 2020.

What's in my camera bagMy Base Kit

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