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Frequently asked Questions


I’m Josh and I photograph people and their stories.

How did you start out in photography?

My photographic journey started with landscapes and cityscapes. Then, one day my son was born and well, everything changed. People having great times, loving life, cherishing moments – this became my focus. I still do lots of landscapes except they usually always have a person, family, or couple enjoying the beautiful moment too. I’ve never looked back.

My first wedding gig was in 2006. A friends sister asked and I could not refuse. I am sure that I was more nervous that night than the bride. I did it, nailed it and I loved every second!

How would you describe your style?

My style is fun, creative and I use my personality to make clients feel comfortable, creating images that are beautiful and real. My style is a mixed bag of photojournalist, portrait and fashion. I shape my style to my client and use my skills to create the images that I love and my clients hire me for. I use natural light, flashes, reflectors and any other light source that will make my images interesting and dynamic. I am also a bit of a poser and I understand that the majority of my clients are not actors or models and often appreciate a bit of directing to look their absolute best. It’s simple, guys just want to look cool and women want to look beautiful. I make it happen!

Do you offer high resolution files?

Wedding USB stick Yes, all wedding packages come with edited, high resolution jpgs with a printing license to use as you wish. The images are available anytime digitally from an online proofing gallery where family and friends can also enjoy the images. Clients are also given a physical copy of the images as a custom USB drive. Beautiful prints, slideshows, canvas gallery wraps and stunning custom wedding albums are available for purchase anytime.

So Josh, Why should we choose you?

When choosing a photographer you're not just hiring a technician controlling a camera but investing in a person's vision and life experience which ultimately translates into style. I believe that photographs come from within and every photographer will interpret a moment differently. If my work speaks to you somewhere within than I'm your guy.

Being a photographer is also about being able to connect with people. It’s about making people feel good, at ease and beautiful all at the same time. This is my draw to photography and why I am passionate about creating images. I understand that true to life emotion trumps all else when photographing people.

Do you have a second shooter?

I prefer to have one vision and style as a day unfolds and therefore often and prefer to work solo. I do have an assistant/second shooter for larger weddings or venues.

How did you learn your craft?

My education in photography began at the University of Connecticut where I was a fine art major. I shot on black and white and practiced dodging and burning in a real dark room. I keep my skills fresh with various day seminars, membership to Jerry Ghionis’s I.C.E. Society, Creative Live and as a member of the Professional Photographers Association (PPA). I am also a Fearless Photographer.

Are you insured?

Yes, I carry general liability insurance as well as equipment insurance. If your venue needs a certificate I would be happy to have one generated.

How much does your wedding services cost?

I prefer to tell the story of a wedding from the very beginning to the very end and offer full day coverage for $3400. I also have an elopement package ($900) available for the short and sweet ceremonies. Please contact me for a complete listing!

Can we meet with you?

That would be a very enthusiastic “Yes!”. I always enjoy meeting new couples and hearing your stories and big plans to come. Hiring a wedding photographer is a big decision and they will likely be the one vendor that is with you for the entire day. I find the best way to show a prospective client who I am and the work I do is to have a chat (often over coffee) and follow up with an engagement session. These are always a blast and a perfect way to see how I work, my personality, and see the images I produce. It’s also the perfect time to get acquainted and become more comfortable in front of a big camera. Of course, all the edited images from the engagement session are delivered for wedding invites, save-the-date’s or gorgeous prints.

How long until I am able to see my images?

I totally understand this one. You want your images when you and all of your family and friends can still feel the excitement of the day. If you like my page on Facebook I will have a couple sneak peek images posted the morning after your wedding day. From there I aim to have an online sideshow for viewing within 4 weeks and your proofing gallery soon after.

Can you tell us anything else about yourself?

I am a husband and a father to 2 amazing children. I love to build and design things and think up clever solutions. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. I am also a registered nurse and have made placing an IV an art form. I am a coffee lover and work at a daily practice to master the perfect espresso pull from my Gaggia Classic. I have 3 gorgeous kitties, a dog named Alfie and 6 chickens.

Okay, so we have met and we would like to book the date, how do we proceed?

Yeah!!! I will email you a wedding contract. Once this is signed and returned with a deposit your day is booked. The next steps are to meet, discuss your day, have an informal photo shoot, and prepare for the big day.

I’m just interested, what does your wedding kit look like?

Below was my base kit for 2017. Today I continue with my two Nikon 750's but also has started to incorporate my new Sony A7III into the day. I typically shot primes only and favor my Sigma 50mm 1.4 and my Nikon 35mm 1.4. My Nikon 70-200 2.8 is a favorite for ceremonies and portraits while my Nikon 105mm is mostly for macro shots. My Nikon 24-70 has been demoted to a paper weight in my office and the only other zoom I bring is my Nikon 16-35 f4 for the dance floor and wide shots. I bring 4-5 speedlights to light up any room and sometimes I'll drag out my Flashpoint Explorer for some real punch. I use a Think Tank rolling bag.

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